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10/10/2020 (10 Days)
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Welcome to Blue Mountain Cutters:
Dedicated to promoting the sport of cutting.

April 25 – Sunnyside - CANCELLED 
May 16 – Sunnyside - CANCELLED
June 20 – Selah - CANCELLED
July 18 – Sunnyside - CANCELLED
August 29 – Sunnyside - CANCELLED
September 26 & 27 – Sunnyside - CANCELLED
Oct 3 & 4 Practice – Jameson Lake - CANCELLED
October 10 – Selah/Monson Fruit

After a gloomy 2020, BMC is excited to offer a show.  Start time will be 9 am with the Open.  All classes will have an optional $10 cash winner take all coffee can jackpot (Open class excluded since they already jackpot).  There will be a jackpot signup sheet at the show office for each class.  Simply sign up and deposit your $10 cash in the appropriate can.
After the 550 NNP class, there will be a Bridleless Class sponsored by Jerry McGuire.  The entire $100 entry fee will be jackpotted and awarded to 1st & 2nd place.
There will be no concessions so plan to bring your lunch.
Jerry McGuire will hold a fresh cattle practice on Friday, Oct 9 beginning at 9am.  Cost will be $50 per work.  Call Jerry at 509-952-2591 if you plan to attend.
Time permitting, there may be a practice after the show as well.   

Another update! Last night, we purchased 5 tons of hay to send to the Okanogan fairgrounds today. We also sent one ton of miscellaneous livestock feed. There was feed for horses, goats, cows, poultry, cats, and dogs. We sent lots of water buckets, feed pans, a trough, and veterinary supplies.
We also filled the tack room of the horse trailer with human supplies including water, toiletries, canned food, and more. This was dropped off at the community center.
A huge thank you to Whitney and Tanner for making so many trips to the Eastside.
If you would like to donate towards buying hay, fuel, and other needed supplies, we can do cash, check, venmo, or PayPal.
Venmo: @nwtackconsignment
🚚🚛 If you would like to help deliver donations, our drivers and their vehicles could use a rest. We recommend a powerful and reliable vehicle that can easily tow a load over hwy 2 and hwy 20. A second driver to switch off with you is strongly recommended. These are long hauls.
Text the store number 360-540-4156 with your availability, trailer type, and tow capacity. This helps us select the right trip and donation type for you to safely deliver.

For members asking about Wittigs, this is their story:

People have been asking how we are doing, so this is our story of the last week. We woke up to howling winds early Monday morning, and heard that a fire had started east of Omak. We weren't too concerned because it was 60 miles away, but the next thing we heard, it had jumped the Columbia River. As we contacted friends to see if they needed help, we still thought it would stay to the east of us. As a precaution, I went to the east pasture to look for our mares and foals, but they weren't in sight in the part of the pasture I could drive to. By now the dust was blowing and hiding the smoke plume, so we still weren't too worried. Luckily I was in the house, and got a phone call from TJ Tupling, who was fighting the fire, and he said that it was moving faster than any fire he had ever seen and that the wind was shifting and it was heading towards us.So Dusty and I caught some horses and took off to find the mares, it was so dirty we could hardly see anything, but finally found them in the farthest corner of the pasture. We got them home in time, and in hour, their pasture burned completely up. It was also heading towards Travis's house, and everyone started hauling everything out of his house, including the 4 day old heeler puppies! The fire came to just across the road, but somehow the pine tree across the road from it didn't start up and his house was saved. It burned just behind the resort and on past it, and through the work of the one fire truck we saw and Dusty shoveling, they saved that. The fire never got down in the coulee near our other houses and shop, but it did cross the coulee up at Grimes lake, and then exploded to the west and kept spreading towards Mansfield. It all seems to be out now and we are taking stock of the damages. We are very fortunate that the cows were all on our irrigated pasture, so we did not lose any stock, or the truck and tractor out in a field that Travis made a fire line around...which is also where Paul rode it out in the middle of it. That is the only fire line that held because of the intense wind. We were definitely being protected! So, we have been without power since Monday, but we have several generators so everything important but the irrigation is powered up. Our time now is spent feeding and hauling water to cattle and servicing generators, with a little haying mixed in. The PUD has been spotted at the head of our road, so that is great news!! We have over 40 burned power poles between here and Mansfield. We figure we lost over 25 miles of fencing and close to 10, 000 acres of pasture, but we feel very blessed that that is all we lost! We have had amazing help from friends and already lots of donations that we really appreciate. It makes getting through this a lot easier! A big thank you to everyone for caring!

2020 Fee Schedule
Open & NP Classes $120
Boxing Class & Ranch Horse Class $65
All other classes $95
$550 NNP & $600 NH will be $95 or $120 with optional $25 jackpot

Club Sponsors:

Personal Sponsors:
Greg & Karen Jones S&S PERFORMANCE HORSES - Ben & Pete Sartin
Sun Valley Equine - Dr Jenni King Gail Cox - Jim Cox Memorial Never Won A Buckle
Janie Larson Cheri Meador
Merrick Veit Michelle Beaunaux DVM
Winona Eoff/Curt Storbakken Alec/Robin Eubanks
Ralph Barnes Victor & Linda Dickson
Jack & Sue Kitt Cutting Horses Larry Davis

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