Class List. (definitions)

600 Novice Horse 2 Handed
Any horse with NCHA lifetime earnings of less than $600/ Any rider. Non-Pro riders must own horse.

550 Novice Horse Non Pro 2 Handed
Any horse with NCHA lifetime earnings of less than $550 owned by the Non-Pro rider.

Open to all riders. Non-Pro's must own their own horse. Introduction to the "Boxing" phase of reined cow horse work. Rider demonstrates ability to hold cow on the wall. Run is 2 1/2 minutes during which time rider may release cow and call for another cow.

Ranch Horse
Horse does not have to be rider owned. This is a 1-handed class for horses and riders who have never before competed in a 1-handed cutting class. Some schooling is allowed with no penalty points for reining. The horse exhibiting the least amount of help from the rider will receive the most credit from the judge. No training devices are allowed.

Any horse/any rider regardless of earnings. Non-Pro riders must own horse. A Non-Pro rider is considered to be a rider showing in Non-Pro classes.

Any Non Pro rider - Any horse regardless of earnings owned by rider.

750 Novice Horse - 1 Handed Reining Allowed
Open to Open & Non-Pro riders. Non-Pro riders must own horse. Horse cannot have earned more than $750. This is a 1 handed class, however riders permitted to stop horse as necessary without penalty.

1500 Novice Horse
Any horse with NCHA earnings less than $1,500.00. Any rider. Non-Pro rider must own horse.

Any youth 18 years of age or younger as of January 1st of the current show season / Any horse.

$500 LR - 1 Handed Reining Allowed
Any rider with $500 or less of NCHA earnings. Rider need not own horse. This is a 1-handed class, however, rider can stop horse as needed without penalty.

2K Limited Rider
Any rider with less than $2,000 NCHA earnings / Any horse.